If you look in a dictionary, you’ll find a range of definitions for ‘disrupt’. It can mean ‘to cause disorder or turmoil’, or ‘to interrupt’, or even ‘to radically change’. Amy Cunningham, founder of The Strings Club, was recently called a disrupter of music education at the Music Industries Association Annual Conference in London. We’re pretty sure that this isn’t because she’s causing disorder within it, but because she’s bringing radical ideas and making positive changes. 

With our combined total of over 25 years in education, we’re able to offer a different, revolutionary approach to music education in schools. We want to inspire children through music, and are committed to being inspirational through a range of flexible programmes for schools. Here are just a few reasons why we’re so disruptive within the world of music education. 

1. We’re adaptable!

Our programmes are bespoke and can be tailored to meet the needs and budget of any school. They use only the best string teachers, who are hand-picked by The Strings Club to ensure that each school’s programme is the most suitable for it. 

2. We develop!

We want to develop pupils not just as musicians, but as healthy, well-rounded individuals. From our after-school clubs to our whole class provision, the programmes are designed to develop emotional literacy and well-being, making a significant impact not just on the individual but on the well-being of the school community. 

3. We work in groups!

We’re big fans of group learning, and research shows that the best learning is done in groups of at least three. By learning with The Strings Club in a group, pupils can be positive influences on each other, providing motivation and feedback. They will also begin to develop ensemble skills and feel a sense of belonging to the group – all amazing factors, don’t you agree? 

4. We regularly reward pupils!

We want pupils to feel that their hard work is being recognised, so we love that we’re partners with Music Medals, part of the Royal Schools of Music. It might take a year for a beginner to reach Grade 1 standard, but Music Medals can be achieved every term. This novel approach gives pupils something really worthwhile to practice towards and a real sense of achievement. 

5. We’re always evolving!

As the musical landscape and schools programmes evolve, it’s important that we keep up. We’re constantly reviewing how our programmes meet the needs of schools and pupils alike, and work really hard to make sure that The Strings Club remains a disrupter in music education! 

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Rachel Cooper, Schools Music Support Coordinator