Over the past week, we have had to change our business around and get as many of our amazing sessions, lessons and concerts all up online! 

The result has been an overwhelming success and we would love to share this with you! 

We have a range of daily sessions online:

  • Morning Music Club
  • Ukulele lessons – children aged 3-5
  • Ukulele lesson – children in year 1+
  • Guitar lessons
  • Violin lessons 
  • Afternoon Music Club
  • Free sessions every Saturday

With the above courses, you could make up to £6K per month with a considerable profit. 

The e-learning market is worth over a billion pounds a year in the UK alone and we aim to be the biggest online music education provider! 

Once our Holiday Camps are allowed to run again, we have every faith that they will be even busier because we will have built a popular brand and great reputation via our online sessions!

All in all, we think this is a win win situation!

Hence why we think, believe it or not, that this is the PERFECT time to join us. 

How would it work for you?

  • You’d get to run the above courses in your own exclusive territory
  • 2-days full online training to get you started
  • Our comprehensive online systems are all ready to go 
  • Part-time rewarding role that can fit around your family/other commitments 
  • Small investment for a big return
  • Ongoing support from us at Head Office
  • Opportunity to make another 40K-60K via our Ofsted-reg Holiday Camps

We’d love to have a quick chat with you about how we can support you at this difficult time. 

Again, now is the time to join us at The Strings Club,

Book an informal chat here at a time and day that suits you below

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