Inspiring your child to reach their musical potential 858771_300558746737949_1516545139_o

We passionately believe our carefully-crafted lessons enable each and every one of our pupils to reach their musical potential.

Every Strings Club Term Time lesson features three key elements: “Musicianship Matters”, group learning and performing (solo and ensemble). Have a look at a typical lesson below where you will learn more about how we will help your child grow in skills and confidence.

Part 1 – Welcome And Warm Up Games

Lessons start on a high with fun, captivating warm up games to get those fingers ready for playing!

Part 2 – Musicianship Matters

Our unique ‘Musicianship Matters’ studies are a key part of every Strings Club lesson and exclusive to The Strings Club – they enable children to gain a wider understanding of the ‘nuts and bolts’ of music, inspiring a deeper, more informed perspective on music. Your child will be encouraged to develop their awareness of rhythm, pitch, pulse, dynamics and notation – all through a range of interactive games and singing-based activities

Part 3 – Group Learning

Central to The Strings Club ethos is group learning. Learning to play an instrument in a small group has so many benefits for young children, from helping to develop listening skills, communication, mathematics, co-ordination, teamwork and the sense of belonging to a group.

Part 4 – Performance

No Strings Club lesson would be complete without a performance, either as a soloist or as a group. Not only does this enable children to demonstrate to both their teacher and fellow peers what they have been practising, but it also develops confidence from performing, something intrinsically important for all budding young musicians and hugely beneficial in all parts of life.

Part 5 – ‘Practice Makes Perfect Guides’ and Strings Club Superstars

At the end of each lesson, every child receives a ‘Practice Makes Perfect Guide’ advising what to practice before the next lesson and to help you support your child’s musical journey at home. It also includes our ‘Strings Club Super Stars Challenge’ for those aiming high!

Need more information?

Here in The Strings Club office we are busy getting ready to launch our Term Time Courses – weekly music lessons lovingly developed and specifically designed for beginners aged 4-11 – on Saturday 29th of September.

We run our Term Time Courses because we know from experience that engaging in music has a powerful impact on a child’s life, everything from developing skills, building confidence and boosting educational attainment.

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