We work hard at our Head Office to ensure that your child will never be bored with us! In fact, we aim for all children to not only develop a range of skills but just as importantly to be inspired right up until pick up time.

How do we do this? 

💙 Every week has a different theme. This may range from Roald Dahl to Superheroes to Disney.

A fun-filled varied daily programme

Each day is wonderfully different and includes:

💙 Mornings – ‘Learn Together, Play Together’ sessions

Our small group music lessons are an ideal introduction for those new to playing an instrument alongside those who already play too – free to hire an instrument! Each venue offers a different instrument every school holiday. See our events pages to see what instruments we offer and where.

💙 Afternoons – our carefully-created workshops

Designed by our experienced Head Office team and based on the theme of the week, each workshop is carefully-created and takes into account “Your Child’s Development is Key” Guide and is carefully-created to inspire your child in more ways than one.

💙 Plenty of fresh air and outside play

We understand it’s so important for children to get some fresh air and a run around with their new friends. That’s why our Holiday Camps include two 30 minute breaks and an hour long lunch time where all children and encouraged to use our outdoor space and our range of outdoor equipment.

💙 Grand concert

Each Holiday Camp ends with a grand concert – so your child and their new friends can proudly show you what they’ve learnt! By the end of their time with us, your child will have experienced wonderful musical adventures, made new friends, and developed skills for life.

To ensure parents know exactly what their child gets up to with us, we create a full, downloadable timetable too. This is emailed to parents as part of our “Essential Info” email that is sent to parents one week before.

Our 2021 Holiday Camps are up online and ready to be booked. We accept all childcare vouchers and tax-free childcare too. Simply call our Head Office on 0121 296 9204 or book below.

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