We’re teaming up with award-winning pre-school music company Rhythm Time next week to celebrate their inaugural ‘National Early Years Music Week’ and over 12,000 children are already signed up to join in.  From Monday 28th January to Friday 1st February, Rhythm Time founder and MD, Kathy Doolan and her team of 45 franchisees across the UK, will be leading the fun music activities for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers.

At The Strings Club, we will be celebrating the benefits of experiencing and learning music from as early as a few months old. Director of The Strings Club, Amy states “I’ve been taking my daughter Anja to Rhythm Time since she was 4 months old and what she has experienced in the classes has without doubt given my daughter not only a deep love of music but also musical skills that will set her on her musical journey – for life!”

Kathy Doolan, Founder of Rhythm Time and 45 franchisees across the UK states “Many parents go along to classes for fun but are unaware of the long-term educational benefits that they provide. With the recent cuts in education funding, music is seen as an optional extra, and is always the first subject to be dropped. However, research shows that it’s the most important subject, having the power to unlock every child’s potential,”


On Saturday 2nd Feb on our Term Time Classes, children will be asked to tell us of their earlier musical experiences and why they love music so much! Parents will do too! 

Find out more how to get involved here