Writing a song with your child can be a great opportunity to get your child’s creative juices flowing, whilst expanding their understanding of the instrument they are learning. Taken from www.cbc.ca, here is a simple step by step plan to writing a song with you child!

Step 1: Topic

What is your song going to be about? Where can you and your kids find inspiration? It can be from their interests, the season, what they are learning at school or something that you are trying to encourage your child to do. Once you have picked your topic, you’ll be ready for the next step!

Step 2: A Melody

When writing with young children, its recommend that you are using melodies of songs that your child is already familiar with. Some classics like; Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, When the Saints Go Marching In, Oh Susanna ​and Jingle Bells are great easy melodies. All you need to do is use the melody as a guide and replace the lyrics to suit your song topic.

Step 3: A Chorus

This is the main part of the song, that will be repeated and most memorable. When you come up with the chorus with your kids, make sure you write about the theme of your song. The other very important and fun part is the rhyming scheme. Writing songs is a great way for kids to learn rhymes and this is where they can really contribute to the song. 

Step 4: Verses

The verses are where you can elaborate on the topic of the song or start to tell the story. You can write as many of these as you want. You can do what you like with the verses, just make sure you are sticking to your melody and be sure to maintain a rhyming scheme. The more verses you come up with, the more your kids will get the idea and run with it.

Step 5: Purpose

What are you writing this song for? You may simply be writing for fun, or to learn something new, share your knowledge or make mundane tasks more interesting. When children understand the purpose of their song, they can be more motivated to sing a long, play music and write the song.

When the song is done, you can record your children singing their new song to keep as a fond memory or a quick prompt to sing on a special occasion. Have fun!

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