With our Music Medal awards on the horizon this summer term, we are delighted to share with you our recent chat with Platinum Music Medal star Lily.

Lily has been attending our Term Time Courses since the age of 7 and joined us on a beginner Sound Start Guitar course at our Harborne Strings Club. Now in year 6 at Harborne Primary School, Lily has excelled at her guitar playing and last year completed her Platinum Music Medals – equivalent to grade 3-4 standard and an A* GCSE on the National Qualifications Framework.

We thought we’d ask 5 questions from her top tips on practice to her fave songs to play.

What’s your best practice tip?

To always have your musical instrument out in your house so you can pick it up anytime to practice. This could be when you wake, when you get home from school or when you go to bed. Always study your music as well.

How did you get to Platinum Award at 10 years old?

I practiced whenever I had free time in my life: being able to practice 20mins or 10mins a day helped me memorize pieces. Also, I always used to study music for dynamics and tempos, so when I come to playing guitar I can add them in.

Why do you love playing guitar?

I love playing guitar for many reasons including: it’s fun, it helps me express my feelings whatever emotion and its a way of relaxing. I also love my lesson, which makes playing the guitar all the more fun.

Who is your favourite musician?

I like Ed Sheeran – acoustic soulful songs, First Aid Kit any accoustic/country songs.

What do you like best about your lessons with The Strings Club?

They are really fun. They are really helpful. The Course Leaders are knowledgeable and they share their knowledge with me. They make me determined to pass Music Medals.

We’re incredibly proud to be partners with Music Medals, a fantastic award scheme established and run by the Associated Board of The Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM).

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