Normally a guitarist who is a beginner opts for an acoustic guitar and gradually moves to the electric guitar. The best thing about the acoustic guitar is that handling it is very easy and so is moving it from one place to another. 

A beginner needs to follow certain guidelines. One can’t just grab the guitar and start playing without knowing certain essential tricks and tips for learning to play the guitar. Listed below are five best tips that will be beneficial for any guitarist beginner.

Take your own time to learn 

Whenever you decide to learn the guitar, learn it when you feel like learning it. Do not hurry into it. Give yourself the time to learn at your own pace. You cannot perfect a tune just like that overnight. Make a list for your targets. On accomplishing each target, mark that achievement. 

Your achievement here could be that you learned a different tune or maybe a new technique for strumming. Cross out the targets on achieving them and be proud of yourself for it. No one learns the guitar the minute they take it into their hands. 

Guitar basics learning involve a lot of time and effort. You will have to have a lot of patience and practice regularly. Allocation of a fixed time for your practices would be very beneficial. And, this could be maintained or followed devotedly on a daily basis. Even one hour every day would be enough for practicing and playing the guitar.

At first, you will be taught how to hold the guitar by your guitar instructor. He will show you how your fingers need to be placed on a certain string and explain the amount of force that each string can endure. Once you get comfortable with this, the next step is to learn to hold the guitar pick and how to move the fingers on the fretboard.  

There is a lot of time investment needed to learn guitar basics. But the learning also depends on the ability of the person learning these pointers. A learner could grasp quickly or slowly. In music, basics play an important role. One should not forget it nor take it for granted. Concentration and focus are most essential for any beginner trying to learn or practice a musical instrument. It could be any instrument. 

Dedicated Practice

Practice and patience are both equally needed when playing or learning the guitar. What are guitar chords? They are a set of notes that one plays on their guitar. You could play them simultaneously or together. Allocate a fixed time to practice and play your cords on a daily basis. 

It is always best to learn to strum your favorite song first. Learning will be fun this way. The song should be played with a slow tempo. And with regular practice, the rhythm will be picked by you. When learning your favorite song or any song, do not just focus on the catchy parts of it that are attractive to your mind and heart. Learn the whole song first instead of learning it in parts. This will avoid any confusion later. 

Beginners should try to learn new simple techniques from video tutorials available online. Practice the guitar frequently. When you stop practicing, you will lose the habit of holding the guitar. You will become lazy in short and put all your past efforts down the drain. 

You have to practice dedicatedly the techniques or the songs you learned from right from the beginning. You may find it difficult to catch-up or even learn the guitar lessons at first. This could lead to frustrations. However, all this is very normal for any beginner. No one became a legend overnight. Guitar legends rose to fame by putting in a lot of hard work and perseverance. 

Practice Theory and Practical Lessons

When you begin, first try practicing simple chords, rhythm and scales exercises. On learning it well, you could start playing a song. There are guitar notes available online that can be downloaded. So you could download these if you want to play any particular song.Also, you could follow the video tutorials while practicing the song. 

On YouTube, you will find videos of famous guitarists wherein they teach you various riffs, techniques, and guitar tricks to play it well. While the theory part of the learning process gives you in-depth information about your guitar, practical learning involves exercising your fingers so that you learn to change the cords and so on. 

Learn about your guitar

Practicing to catch the pick is important before you learn how to play the guitar. The placement of the fingers and the amount of pressure applied matters the most while playing the guitar. The thumb should be rested on the guitar’s neck while all the other fingers should be placed on the fretboard. To play the guitar in an accurate manner, the fingers should be placed correctly. 

New techniques for playing should be learned and you must enjoy trying new riffs or sweeps. When you play the guitar it should not be taken as a task but you should enjoy it. You can check the best beginner guitars in the market today. 

Today there are various apps that teach how to play the guitar. Beginners will find them useful. These apps can be downloaded from your play stores like Google, Microsoft, and so on. When traveling, these apps can be very helpful. Using your smartphone, you could log in into these apps and try out new techniques, tips online. 

Be innovative, not rigid

To feel the music, just close your eyes and get carried away by the tunes. While playing, beginners are taught from the start to follow chords and scales to perfection. However, sometimes one has to be a little innovative. Also, have a balance between techniques and basic skills with creativity. Recording while playing is always good. This way you can hear the recording later and make the necessary corrections if needed. Moreover, these recordings down the line will make you realize how far you have come. 


You could learn from online tutorials, by watching other musicians and even by going to concerts. All of this will help grow your playing style and techniques. Listen to genres of all types. You will realize through these how many different techniques are used. There are various riffs, rhythms, beats, sweeps used in any music. This all will help you be more creative when you play. You could also have your own tunes composed gradually.

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