Performing in front of people is a big thing for musicians to master – young and old alike.

There are a lot of mixed emotions involved. On the one had you are excited, you want to jump up on the stage, show off your new skills and bask in the glory of the endless applause from the crowd. On the other hand, those butterflies of excitement can become overwhelming, self-doubt edges in – what happens if I go wrong? – and you suddenly want to run and hide! We’ve all been there, that I can be certain of.

It takes courage to stand up in front of someone and play. So here is our round up of tips and tricks for you to advise your budding musician to help them on their way.

Relax yourself through breathing

Before you jump on stage, take a moment to concentrate on your breathing. Slow, deep breaths will help you be calm and aid concentration and technique.

Be confident

If you think positively you will perform better. Tell yourself you are going to nail it and, more often than not, you will.

Don’t worry about mistakes

Seriously, mistakes don’t matter. The worse thing you can do is stop – just plough on! It is likely that the audience hasn’t even noticed anyway. Remember, the audience is there to support you, not to criticise, and they are in awe of what you are doing – not everyone can play an instrument like you can, it is a very special talent!

Take a bow

Well done, you did it! How good does that feel? Amazing right? Don’t rush straight off stage. Take a moment to smile and soak in the applause and remember this feeling for inspiration next time you are worried about performing. This is why you do it!



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