Each Term children on our Courses learn new skills and techniques and explore musicianship skills. And each year we all work towards Minis Awards and Music Medals whilst also looking forward to the special End of Year Grand Concert!

There are lots of ways you and your family at home can help your child get the best from their lessons too, whether during Holiday Camps or Term Time Courses, and here’s how…

Listen to music together

Listening to music is really important when learning an instrument, it helps you to understand how different compositions are brought together. You can make it fun as always, why not listen out for a melody and take it in turns to sing it back. Or try the harmony, or invent a new one. It’s great fun! Each month we will help you with some themed lists, take a look at them on our Recommended Listening  page. Once for each of the seasons, plus a Rock Edition and a Summer Chill out version too!

Take time to listen to your child play

One of the best ways to grow in confidence is to play in front of someone. That might sound super simple, but it takes courage and lots of concentration to play a piece for someone, even if it is to someone you know very well. Each week after the lesson ask your child to show you what they’ve done in class and tell them how good they are!

Practice makes perfect

The old adage does hold true and to help your child you should encourage them to make practising part of your weekly routine. Maintain the fun element and avoid it being a chore. Read more about how to avoid making practice boring.

UK’s top team, right in your living room

We’ve worked with the UK’s top strings teachers to put together some videos, from introductions to exploring new sounds and techniques. They’re in bite-sized chunks, so if there is something they want to practice, they can stick a video on and away they go. Check out our YouTube Channel.

If you have any top tips don’t be shy, please share them with us and your friends on your favourite network, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

We run our Term Time Courses because we know from experience that engaging in music has a powerful impact on a child’s life, everything from developing skills, building confidence and boosting educational attainment.

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