Learning to play an instrument is a wonderful experience. It is something which has a lifelong impact, providing enjoyment for many years. And it also has many other benefits in the short and medium term which may not be as obvious or are not often directly associated.

Confidence and self-esteem

The sense of achievement gained through this magical journey is significant. The first time you nail that chord. Your first arpeggio. Your first performance. The list is endless. Let’s not forget that learning to play is a lot of hard work, but with careful management of the learning process – like that provided at our Term Time Courses – learning to play is hugely rewarding and gives children the confidence and courage to apply themselves in other parts of their life.

Educational attainment

Learning an instrument is multi-disciplined. It improves memory, reading and comprehension which in turn support and improve educational attainment. And that’s in all areas, English, Maths, Science, languages – not just in music. Studies show that playing an instrument enhances performance in national exams and the impact is greater the longer a young person has been playing an instrument. That’s powerful stuff when you think about how it can impact your child as they go through school.

Mental health and wellbeing

Music can help you to understand and be better in touch with your emotions. Plus a natural product of learning an instrument is a healthier mental outlook for all of the reasons we have already talked about. And, going right back to the start, everything above is coupled with the unbridled joy and and happiness that you get from simply picking up an instrument and playing your favourite song along to the radio [or the most preferred piece of modern technology designed for one’s listening pleasure!].


Our Term Time Courses starting Saturday 22nd of September are available to book now for children aged 4-11. They are and specifically developed for young beginners and delivered by the UK’s best strings teachers ensuring your child will settle quickly, be properly supported and get the best from the experience.

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