In the office we often reminisce about gigs of days gone by – from up-and-coming artists downstairs at the Hope and Anchor on Upper Street, to mega stars at the NEC in Birmingham, and classic NME nights at Koko’s in Camden. There is something magical about live music isn’t there?

But if you are anything like us it is not often the case nowadays that you get the chance to get out to gigs, and a lot of that is down to a change in our priorities towards important people we have in tow!

It is difficult to get out to gigs with children, but it isn’t impossible. Here’s a few ways you can share your passion for music with your child without worrying about sticky walls and floors or missed bedtimes.

Go to a gig

With the summer bringing warmer days it is a great time to get out and see live music near you. Bandstands are sure to be buzzing with the sounds of brass and your local big school will have their end of term performances.

Have you heard about our new inspirational Quaver Concerts for children? With a relaxed atmosphere and a range of styles and instruments, they’re a great way for children 0+ to experience, explore and engage with live music at its very best.

Go to a festival

There has been a huge change for weekenders in recent years and up and down the country there is now an abundance of family orientated festivals. We’re really excited to be able to be part of the action at 2 this summer – Lunar Festival and Citadel Festival both in July. We’re taking our creative workshops on the road! Packed with fun-filled music making to the max, our unmissable events will include special “Salute the Uke” or “Guitar Gurus” workshops and will be the perfect opportunity to keep your child entertained. Be ready to play and explore by strum strum strumming away to your heart’s content! Find out more about our festival workshops

Go to a rave

No, we’ve not gone mad. Big Fish Little Fish and a few enlightened others have been doing this for a while now. These family raves are appearing at all the usual suspects this summer, from Camp Bestival to Kendal Calling and are perfect for your 2-4 hour party people (that is up there with the best taglines ever). Get your glow sticks out and headbands on!

Whatever you choose, gigs, festivals or raves, your child will absolutely love it there is no doubt.

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