September is an exciting time in every calendar – the start of a new school year and the beginning of new adventures.

For parents it is a natural point when we think about how best to support our child and equip them with the tools they need as they take on new challenges.

Many families will be considering courses and classes. Whether Music, Sport, Drama, Dance or STEM, term time courses are a great option, but it can be difficult knowing which one to choose.

If you are considering extra-curricular lessons for your child then here are a few of our tips from The Strings Club Head Office Team, all gained from experience as mums and dads and education professionals.

Make it fun

It goes without saying that your child has to have fun. If this first box isn’t ticked then they won’t be interested in the class and it will have a negative impact. Make sure your chosen course creates an exciting atmosphere, meet the team if you can, just like at our Discovery Days.

Make it rewarding

In our experience children gain the most when they and are rewarded for their progression. Whether, like our weekly music lessons, your chosen course has incentives and a nationally recognised scheme such as Music Medals from ABRSM, make sure there is something which helps your child understand that they are doing well so they can feel good about themselves and encouraged all the time.

Boost development

You understand that your child’s time is precious that’s the reason you are considering the course after all. Make sure you look out for how your chosen course talks about the positive impact it has on your child, what they will learn and how it will help them fulfill their potential. If they are seriously on their game they will have a personal report just as we do in our Term Time Courses.

Here in The Strings Club office we are busy getting ready to launch our Term Time Courses – weekly music lessons lovingly developed and specifically designed for beginners aged 4-11 – on Saturday 29th of September.

We run our Term Time Courses because we know from experience that engaging in music has a powerful impact on a child’s life, everything from developing skills, building confidence and boosting educational attainment.

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