With all the extra-curricular activities available for our children, it’s sometimes hard to choose what’s actually right for them isn’t it?

From gymnastics to swimming to sewing to music classes, there’s now everything and anything available! From trialling out various classes with my daughter Anja, there’s one main factor that I now really look for when booking a regular activity and that’s what are the actual benefits of this activity. When I mention benefits this could range from anything such as simple enjoyment and seeing her having fun to confidence to a specific skill such as dance skills.

From my many years teaching music and violin, I really have seen the sheer benefits of learning and instrument on children as young as 3.

Here are 5 huge benefits for you:

  1. Well-being – music has a magical effect on us human beings and playing an instrument is a really cathartic process that enables children to relax, to focus and to develop their self-awareness.
  2. Musicianship – learning an instrument helps develop key musicianship skills such as sight-reading, playing by ear, technical proficiency and awareness of musical elements as rhythm, pitch, notation and dynamics.
  3. Confidence – we see so many children stand infront of a packed audience and perform with sheer confidence. This we believe is mainly down to our regular performance opportunities including every weekly lesson during our Term Time Courses and at the end of each Holiday Camp. Our Grand Concerts are a fantastic way of enabling your child to show what they have achieved and what fun they have had with their new friends!
  4. Develop positive relationships – seeing the same children every week really does encourage the development of positive relationships and I am sure you agree, the ability to make friends is a fantastic skill to have in life!
  5. Educational attainment – there has been so much research about the link between music and doing well in other curricular subjects at school. One of my favourite articles is by Susan Hallam and Kevin Rogers at Institute of Education, London.

If you’re thinking of instrumental lessons for your child, why not come and join us at an Autumn Term Time Course starting in September at a Strings Club near you?

Our brand new Minis Explorers programme is the perfect introduction in learning an instrument. This unique one-year programme will enable your child to explore both ukulele and violin – before deciding what instrument they would like to continue learning in the third term. Not to be missed!

To find out more take a look at our Minis Explorer and Sound Start beginners courses in the Whats On Offer section of our website.

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