As parents ourselves we know how wonderful it is to spend quality time with your children!

We also know it’s tricky sometimes to think of ideas and activities to do every minute of the day and that’s why we have created some top tips below on some fun activities to do with your child this February Half Term.

Many of our activities below are taken from our Holiday Camp workshops that take place every afternoon. All aimed to inspire your child right up until pick up time!

Valentines Day Celebrations

In honour of our weekly theme of ‘love’, we start off our week with a special workshop
making our very own Valentine cards for someone special. Not only will your child be able to create their own card, but they will will be inspired to write their own love poems too!. Download a PDF that you can print here.

David Bowie

What does it entail we hear you say? Children learn all about David Bowie including his variety of personas alongside a variety of hits along the decades. Download a fun Ziggy Star Dust colouring in sheet here. 



Pieces of Me – Mindfulness

All aboard the Self Esteem Train! With recent reports
claiming that on average 3 children in a class suffer with their mental health, it is widely recognised that mental well being needs addressing. We’ve created a fun-filled afternoon of confidence boosting, learning resilience and ways to effectively manage anxiety through mindfulness. Try out these activities based on floating on a cloud.

Celebrating Diversity 

People all over the world – join hands. In this workshop, children will listen to ‘Love Train’ and discuss its message, along with the instruments they hear. They will then create their own poster promoting peace and unity, but not before forming our own Strings-Train and dancing around the room. Why not print off these People from Around the World Finger Puppets? Download here

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