Today is the final day of our Summer Holiday Camps and we could not feel happier. 

Our focus this summer across each of our Holiday Camps was to ensure that every child that visited us was safe, healthy and happy. We feel we have accomplished that and this is mainly due to the amazing individuals that have worked with us. These include:


  • Harborne – Malikah, Tim, Paul and Sim

North London

  • Hampstead – Dot, Sisi, Rich, Vivienne, Tamika and Aleksandra
  • Islington – Claire, Naomi, Martha and George
  • Hackney – Edouard, Pranay, Christa and Alice

South London 

  • Greenwich – Rachel, Martha, Alison, Jesse and Cristanel
  • Brockley Bubble 1 – Elisa, Stephanie and Stefano
  • Brockley Bubble 2 – Rosa, Alison and Jennifer

Our October Half Term Holiday Camps are on our website and ready to be booked. As always, we will be working alongside government guidelines to ensure the safety of children and their families as well as our wonderful teams.

To ensure your child feels comfortable returning to us, we always try and have the same team members at the same Holiday Camps.

We look forward to seeing you again soon!

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