Welcome back to our Monthly Recommended Listening!

Every month, we are here to help you inspire your child with some season-appropriate musical pieces. Listening to music is not only enjoyable but is also beneficial in the development of many skills including coordination and self-confidence that will continue to be useful for your child throughout their lives.

We’re excited that spring is here, so here is the perfect thing to listen to:

Vivaldi: Four Seasons – Spring

Regarded as one of the greatest composers of the Baroque era, Vivaldi’s compositions are timeless pieces of art.

His best-known work is a series of Violin Concertos entitled ‘Four Seasons’ which were originally written 297 years ago in 1721 and are still widely performed by virtuoso violinists today!

Along with the music for the Four Seasons, Vivaldi wrote sonnets to accompany each movement that described the intention of each movement and what the music evoked.

The first movement, titled ‘Spring’ is split into 3 movements which follow this sonnet:

Movement 1
Springtime is upon us.
The birds celebrate her return with festive song,
and murmuring streams are
softly caressed by the breezes.
Thunderstorms, those heralds of Spring, roar,
casting their dark mantle over heaven,
Then they die away to silence,
and the birds take up their charming songs once more.

Movement 2
On the flower-strewn meadow, with leafy branches
rustling overhead, the goat-herd sleeps,
his faithful dog beside him.

Movement 3
Led by the festive sound of rustic bagpipes,
nymphs and shepherds lightly dance
beneath the brilliant canopy of spring.

In the second movement where the goat-herd sleeps you can hear Vivaldi’s faithful dog barking in the Viola section, which is marked in their scores!

Listen to the music here


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