Welcome back to our Monthly Recommended Listening!

Every month, we are here to help you inspire your child with some season-appropriate classical pieces. Listening to music is not only enjoyable but is also beneficial in developing many skills including coordination and self-confidence that will continue to be useful for your child throughout their lives.

This month, The Strings Club Head Office team has come up with a list of classical music alongside some fun facts and links to YouTube and Spotify to celebrate the season of the golden leaves and misty mornings.

1) The Four Seasons “Autumn”, Antonio Vivaldi

Vivaldi’s “The Fours Seasons” were written to portray the events and emotions of the seasons. This set of movements in particular celebrates the harvest season with uplifting songs and dances. The final movement also illustrates a scene of brave hunters!

Listen to The Four Seasons “Autumn” on YouTube or Spotify.

2) Les Saisons “September: The Hunt”, Pyotr Tchaikovsky

The Russian composer’s “Les Saisons” is a set of twelve short character pieces for piano. His “September: The Hunt” portrays the hunters in their hunting dress mounted on their horses. Can you hear the horses galloping?

Listen to Les Saisons “September: The Hunt” on YouTube or Spotify.

3) Herbstrosen, Josef Strauss

The Strauss family was known for making dance music fashionable in the early 19th century, taking Vienna in particular by storm. Josef Strauss, the brother of Johann Strauss II, went on to write 283 compositions, including his Herbstrosen (‘The Autumn Rose’) in 1867.

Listen to Herbstrosen on YouTube or Spotify.

What next?

Is your child ready to move onto the next stage, but not sure which instrument to start on?

Why not come along to one of our Discovery Days where your child can try their hand at playing ukulele, violin and guitar and receive two 20-minute lessons, all for free! Here’s what’s coming up next:

Saturday 20th October

Islington – St Andrew’s School, N1; 11am – 12pm

Crouch EndPicture House, N8; 1.30pm – 2.30pm

Saturday 27th October

Sutton Coldfield Mere Green Community Centre, B75; 11.30am – 12.30pm

BirminghamSymphony Hall, B1; 11am – 12pm

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