Handle with care! Follow our very simple guide and your child’s instrument will stay in tip top condition! IMG_2402

#1 Clean the instrument with care and make sure your child always washes their sticky fingers after eating or playing outside before practising.

#2 Encourage your child put the instrument back into its case whenever it’s not being played, to keep it safe and protected. But don’t forget to make sure the case is securely fastened – so there are no accidents with instruments falling out when walking to the car or on the train!

#3 Don’t leave your instrument on the floor, where it can be knocked over or sat on! You never know, a clumsy Dad or pet may trip over it!

#4 Take care to store your instrument in a place with an even temperature – not too hot, or too cold. So no leaving it in the boot of the car on a chilly winter’s night or lent up against a radiator!

#5 Don’t turn the pegs! If the instrument is out of tune, we recommend waiting until your next lesson for the teacher to tune it for you. When pegs are turned, this can lead  broken strings!

Oops! We’ve broken a string!

Don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world!

If you have a rented instrument,simply let us our office team know ASAP so we can arrange for a spare string to be ready at your next lesson! Please arrive a few minutes earlier so your Strings Club teacher can prepare your child’s instrument before the lesson starts!