Each week at our Ofsted-registered Holiday Camps is based on a different theme, ensuring that no two days are every the same for anyone!

We are super excited to reveal that the fourth week of our amazing Summer Holiday Camps – wc 9th Aug will be based on the theme of Celebrating Cultures.

Each workshop works alongside our exclusive “Your Child’s Development is Key” Guide and is designed to enhance your child in more ways than one, nurturing musical skills such as aural and listening ability, along with our personal skills as concentration, teamwork, making friends and physical and emotional well-being.

Here are our top 5 picks:

Sport Beat – East Asia

An ideal workshop for those extra sport youngsters! You will need all your energy for this exciting workshop as we travel across to the East Asia – to Japan, the land of the rising sun! We will be discovering all about Soran Bushi – music of the fishermen and using our bodies in this unmissable session!

Big Sing Song – West Africa

Off to West Africa! In this session, we will be taking the children on a musical adventure through the African continent – all the way to Ghana. By exploring the African chant music and the call and response pattern of singing, your child’s voice will become involved in this absolutely exciting session!

Meet the Composer – Europe

The famous melody from the Italian song Funiculi, Funicula! is known throughout the world, but did you know this music was composed in just few hours? In this workshop, we will be taking the children on a musical journey, exploring the music and life of the Italian composer, Luigi Denza.

Imagination Station – Australia

In this creative session, your child will be experimenting with some Aboriginal dot painting! From painting geckos to kangaroos, it will be a wonderfully fun opportunity for them to enrich their cultural knowledge of Australian history as well as develop their artistic skills.

Pieces of Me – North America

Kicking off our Friday is our extra special workshop series, exclusive to us and with your child’s well-being at it’s heart. This workshop introduces children to the importance of valuing the uniqueness of each individual, the diversity of the society, and showing appreciation for others. Using a popular song Where Is The Love? – this will be one to remember for sure!

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