Each week at our Ofsted-registered Holiday Camps is based on a different theme, ensuring that no two days are every the same for anyone!

We are super excited to reveal that the final week of our amazing Summer Holiday Camps – wc 23rd Aug will be based on the theme of Fairies and Dragons. 

Each workshop works alongside our exclusive “Your Child’s Development is Key” Guide and is designed to enhance your child in more ways than one, nurturing musical skills such as aural and listening ability, along with our personal skills as concentration, teamwork, making friends and physical and emotional well-being.

Here are our top 5 picks:

Sport Beat – Shrek

This energetic workshop is truly action-packed and fun-filled! Using a song from a popular movie “Shrek”, children will be interpreting the words from the song using their bodies and playing a game of Shrek tag. Don’t forget to bring your dancing shoes!

Imagination Station – A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Creativity is a crucial factor in the development of children, which is why our imagination station workshop is the perfect place for their creativity to get a kick start! Using “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” the children will be focusing on the character of Puck and even have a go at designing what they think he should look like.

Performarama – The Neverending Story

Based on the epic fantasy story of “The Neverending Story”, children will be reading this enchanting story and then encouraged to act it out as their favourite character! An unmissable workshop and a truly wonderful way for your child to build confidence and to use their bodies!

Feel the Rhythm – How to Train Your Dragon

Can you keep up? Using the percussive instruments children made themselves, we will be exploring the rhythmic elements of music. This workshop will not only enhance your child’s understanding of musical concepts based on the ever-popular “How to Train Your Dragon”, but will also help to create greater sensory awareness.

Pieces of Me – Empowering Fairytales

We all love a good fairytale but the times have moved on and we understand how antiquated stereotypes can hold us all back. So what better time than now to celebrate our diverse fairytale characters and stories. The children will get the opportunity to create their own characters through role play dress-up, drawing and or literature. It’s time to let the children’s imaginations set them free!

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