Each week at our Ofsted-registered Holiday Camps is based on a different theme, ensuring that no two days are every the same for anyone!

We are super excited to reveal that the fifth week of our amazing Summer Holiday Camps – wc 16th Aug will be based on the theme of Disney-Themed.

Each workshop works alongside our exclusive “Your Child’s Development is Key” Guide and is designed to enhance your child in more ways than one, nurturing musical skills such as aural and listening ability, along with our personal skills as concentration, teamwork, making friends and physical and emotional well-being.

Here are our top 5 picks:

Meet the Producer – Walt Disney

Many children will recognise his iconic animated creations such as Mickey and Minnie Mouse, but do they know who is actually behind such creations? In this ever-so-exciting workshop, will be exploring the life and achievements of Walt Disney, discovering more about the characters!

Performarama – “Inside Out”

Based on the popular film “Inside Out”, this workshop will take your child to the most extraordinary location of all – inside their mind! We will be turning each child into different emotions and getting them to act out as their characters. This is a fantastic way to boost your child’s confidence and to broaden their vocabulary of words and images!

Big Sing Song – “Toy Story”

“You’ve Got A Friend In Me” is known to many as a joyful song of lasting friendship. What makes a good friend? Learning to feel valued for our individuality is fundamental to developing into confident individuals. Using this popular song from “Toy Story”, we will be taking your child on a musical journey – singing and dancing on the way!

Sport Beat – “Pirates of the Caribbean”

Arrgh me hearties! Join us as we play Pirate tag and search for gold on the lush Islands of the Caribbean. Not only will we be learning about some of the Caribbean Islands, but we will listen to the wonderful marvels of the Pirates of The Caribbean soundtrack. It’s going to be a big adventure on this swashbuckling journey!

Performarama – “Alice in Wonderland”

We’re all about getting active and physical at The Strings Club. Using the very best in music and drama, your child will get the chance to explore the Mad Hatter from “Alice in Wonderland” in more detail and even get the chance to create, design, and act out their very own tea-party! A great workshop to end the week and develop your child’s confidence.

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