With the cancellation of our Easter Holiday Camps and quite frankly a slog of a week, we are so taken aback by the number of children who will be joining us tomorrow for our free online music sessions.

Due to demand we had to release another two sessions – all of which sold out in a matter of hours.

Founder Amy states “My daughter 5 year old Anja came home from school this week really anxious about everything that’s going on. It made me think that perhaps we need to focus on our children and their mental health and well being – and give them something to enjoy this weekend!” 

“This is why I set up the free Saturday sessions” Business and Franchise Support Manager Dan says, “To ensure children get some time to let loose and to have a good sing song! For me, music is medicine so I do hope every child who joins us, has a fantastic time and parents have a quick breather whilst we entertain!”

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