Happy #MusicMondays everyone! We are sure you agree that music makes the world go round.

It’s there at all times in our lives from the most happiest to the saddest too. We firmly believe music has the power to change lives and that’s why we’ve asked a range of people from our valuable team members, to our Head Office staff to people at other organisations to tell us their favourite songs and why.

Every Monday for the next 2 weeks you’ll be inspired by 5 tracks that have had a huge affect on people’s loves. Have a read below at the next 5 fave tracks from some wonderful individuals.


Dan Colagiovanni, Business and Franchise Development Manager

My favourite song at the moment is ‘Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes’ by Paul Simon

Graceland was on my tape player (a huge blue one, an Argos special!) everywhere I went from the moment someone gave it to me until the tape was worn out. I could’ve chosen any of the songs from the album but that one sticks in my mind more than the others for some reason. The vocals and the instruments, the songwriting and storytelling.

Diamonds on the Sole of Her Shoes -Paul Simon

Scott Monks, CEO – Rocksteady Music School

My favourite song is Patience by Guns and Roses – The first live concert I went to was Guns and Roses supported by Soundgarden and Faith No More on a hot summers day at Wembley Stadium. As first concerts go it was pretty epic!

Guns N Roses – Patience


Elisa Lopez – Holiday Camp Manager and Course Leader

My favourite song is Romance Anónimo because I taught it to myself and my students also love to learn it!

It is a beautiful piece of music.

Narciso Yepes – Romance Anónimo

Lewis McKale – The Strings Club Course Leader

Of all my favourite songs ever written, my favourite of all time would have to be, What a wonderful world by Louis Armstrong.

It always reminds me of being very young, getting into music for the very first time and when I heard this song, it was unlike anything I’d heard before. I grew up with my parents music such as The Beatles, Rolling Stones, David Bowie and Mowtown etc. But I wasn’t familiar with jazz. I also love Louis’ voice, as well as being one of the greatest trumpeters of all time, I honestly believe he has one of the most unique voices of all time too. I could just hang onto every word he sings.

What a Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong 


Paul Edwards – The Strings Club Course Leader

This is like choosing your favourite child! However in the spirit of your question, my choice is a beautiful and deeply moving song written by Jimmy Webb and sung by Glen Campbell called “If These Walls Could Speak”. For me I picture the home I grew up in. If walls were able to absorb all the joy, laughter and tears of family life what a story they could tell! The song is reflective with a plea for forgiveness for all the wrongs and mistakes we make.

If These Walls Could Speak – Glen Campbell 


Let us know your fave song