Well done to all children who took their music medal awards last term. We once again received fantastic results, with over 30 children earning a prestigious Music Medal Awardgrace 2

We would like to say an extra special, super congratulations to our Strings Club pupil Grace who received an Excellent in her Music Medal award!
Music Medals encourage children to celebrate the skills they have learnt during their time at The Strings Club and provide them with a true sense of achievement.
As partners with the Royal School of Music, any child enrolled on our guitar or violin term-time courses can work towards a Copper, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum  Music Medal – accredited within the National Qualifications Framework.

Rather than the formalised setting of a grade exam, Music Medals are based at our Strings Club venues and children have to prepare a solo piece, an ensemble piece and also a short musicianship test which can vary from sigh-reading to making up a tune!
Whereas typically it might take over two years for a beginner to reach grade 1, Music Medals can be achieved every term – giving something really worthwhile for your child to practice towards!

Summer Term Music Medal nominations are being sent out to parents this week – so keep your eyes peeled! Closing date is Monday 6th June.


Practice for your music medal at our Holiday Camp!