We know from experience that there are many different ways of inspiring children with music, however, we believe there is no better way to first experience the joys of music than listening.

Each month, The Strings Club Head Office selects and lists a few of our favourite classical music for you and your child alongside some fun facts and easy clicks to locate the piece on either YouTube or Spotify.

The fun times and sunny days of summer are underway – we’ve found some of the most uplifting pieces of music!

Here are some of the most joyous pieces to help brighten your day and ones your child will love too!

1) William Tell Overture, Gioachino Rossini

This piece of music is one of the most recognisable classical music tunes of all time. “William Tell” was Rossini’s last opera, written when he was 37 years old. Did you know that Rossini chose to retire at this age and instead, became famous for his cooking skills?

Listen to William Tell Overture on Youtube or Spotify.

2) The Marriage of Figaro Overture, W. A. Mozart

In one of his most well-known operas, the madness of “The Marriage of Figaro” takes place on a single summer’s day, and Mozart sets the pace in the Overture. Can you hear any elements of summer within the music? Apparently, the opera was such a hit that the emperor requested a private performance all for himself.

Listen to The Marriage of Figaro Overture on Youtube or Spotify.

3) Jupiter, the Bringer of Jolity, “The Planets”, Gustav Holst

We can’t not go without mentioning Holst’s Jupiter. Can you listen to this piece without humming along with the famous melody? Written between 1914-1916, Holst’s “The Planets” represents the planets of the Solar System and their corresponding astrological character. Did you know that when Sir Adrian Boult introduced “The Planets” to the general public at a concert in 1919, he gave only five of the seven movements as he thought they would not be able to cope with the full work?

Listen to Jupiter from “The Planets” on Youtube or Spotify.

What next?

Is your child ready to move onto the next stage, but not sure which instrument to start on?

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