Today we introduce you to one of our wonderful tutors and workshop leaders, Alice!

Here we have a brief interview with Alice where you can find out about her musical experiences from when she started playing ukulele and guitar and what music influences her to how her musical career has led to her working with us here at The Strings Club. If Alice’s story appeals to you, sign your child up to one of our Holiday Camps or Term-Time Courses today.

Where did you study music?

I started off studying a Higher Diploma at The Brighton Institute of Modern Music. I then went on to Middlesex University where I did BA in Music Composition taught by Peter Fribbins and Francois Evans and was also awarded a Certificate in Music Workshop Skills at Goldsmiths lead by Phil Mullen and Graham Dowdall.

Tell us about your musical experience?

I played guitar and ukulele for singer-songwriter Alan Bonner on his past 2 albums and at venues throughout London. I also write and perform my own music under the name Alice Mary. I have worked for Access To Music as a learning advisor and lecturer and as a freelance guitar teacher to private students across London.

What do you enjoy most about teaching?

The act of sharing music with people and introducing them to new sounds and experiences they’ve never had before.

Your biggest achievement/ most enjoyable musical experience so far?

Leading workshops and warm up games for the Strings Club!

Who is your favourite musician and why?

Changes frequently! At the moment I’m really in to St Vincent – a band lead by an amazing guitarist, singer and songwriter, Annie Clark. She gets weird and wonderful sounds out of her guitar and is a real inspiration for female guitarists who are used to just seeing boys playing guitar on stage!

How did you start learning your instrument?

I started learning from a private guitar teacher who lived up the road from me as a child – he learnt by ear and taught me this way and it was only when I studied music at school that I learnt theory and how to read music.

Top practice tip for our Strings Club children?

Quality not quantity. 15 minutes of focused practice is miles better than an hour of unfocused practice!

Many thanks to Alice! Look out for more Strings Club teachers on our blog soon!

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