We’re super excited to announce our partnership with “Colour Your World” an award-winning mindfulness and well being company, led by Mindfulness Practitioner and Trainer, NLP Coach and former full-time school teacher. Rachel Ashcroft.

At The Strings Club, we understand that music can have a magical effect on our mental health. But we also know right now we all need to be going that extra mile to ensure we are looking after ourselves and our wonderful children, especially mentally and emotionally.

This is why we’ve teamed up with Rachel at “Colour Your World”.

Rachel will be offering 2 free 20 minute mindfulness sessions to children at 10am and 10:30am on Saturday 28th March.

We’ve not forgotten about you either! Rachel would love you to join her at either:

– 11am (if you can get some quiet time for yourself). Adults only.

During this time, you will be encouraged to just ‘be’, reflect inwardly and guided through some gentle breathing meditation.  I think we all deserve that, don’t we?

To book our free sessions, please click below or call 0121 296 9204.

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