With the internet and smartphones at our disposal, learning new skills could never be easier. To help you and your little ones discover and learn new instruments, we’ve been busy creating interactive videos on our YouTube channel.

Each week we will be exploring a new instrument for you to get stuck into. This week, we will be exploring the Violin. Our lessons take you through a beginners-guide in understanding all aspects of the instrument, from the correct playing position and learning your first piece.

Learning a new instrument can be a daunting process, but fear not! Each of our interactive lessons is designed to take you and your child through a step-by-step process of playing your new instrument. By the end your child will be left feeling confident about their new-found skill and instrument!

Begin your child’s Violin Journey with us today – watch Jack’s introduction to the Violin below! Don’t forget to check out our Violin playlist and subscribe to our channel so you will be first to see all of our new videos!