Learning to play an instrument is not only great fun but also a great new years resolution!

Many dusty instruments sit in bedrooms and attics for years without being touched, so what better time to start learning than the New Year!

There are lots of things which need to be in place to ensure it goes well. It requires a supportive and positive learning environment to ensure all the energy from the student is nurtured and well directed.


Does your child show in interest in learning an instrument? Take a look at our YouTube channel, it’s a fun introduction to ukulele, guitar, violin and cello.

First up, here’s an introduction to the guitar with the lovely Jonas



Want some more ideas of how you can inspire your child? Take a look at our First Steps page on our website.

We’ve got years of experience and oodles of enthusiasm, and courses lovingly developed and specifically designed for beginners aged 4-11.


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