We are incredibly proud of the achievements of all of our Term Time students.

Every child who attends deserves to be praised and commended for their hard work and commitment. It isn’t easy learning an instrument, we know that, and we respect anyone who tries. So well done everyone!

Some children have achieved great things during their time with us and one such child is David. David has been with us since he was 4 years old, and he is working towards his Platinum Music Medal on guitar this Term. Aged 9!

We decided to interview David to find out if he had any top tips for us:

What’s your best practice tip to someone going for their Music Medal this term?

David: You should practise a lot until your sound is very good.

What did you do in between lessons to get to Platinum standard by the age of 9?

David: To get to the platinum standard by the age of 9, I practised my songs so I could get as far as this.

Why do you love playing the guitar?

David: I like music and I have an interest in guitar as an instrument.

Who is your favourite musician/band?

David: Michael Jackson

What do you like best about your lessons with The Strings Club?

David: I learned something new every lesson.


We’d like to wish everyone taking their Music Medals and Minis Awards next week the best of luck. Make sure you spend some time practising over the coming days, but most of all relax, enjoy it, and know we are proud of you all whatever the outcome – you are all stars to us just for having a go.

Does you child want to start to learn an instrument? Our Holiday Camps for children aged 4-11 are running at May Half Term from Tuesday 28th to Friday 31st, with half days from £20. If you’d like to find out more take a look at our Holiday Camps page.

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