Inspire your child
through music
Award winning musical experiences for children aged 4-11

Inspire with our recommended listening!

We really love music at The Strings Club HQ! So much so, our wonderful intern and Birmingham University Music student, Oliver Frost, has devised a cool list of some classical numbers to play for your child to really inspire them. You’ll find a few funky facets about the pieces too! orchestra_021

Simply click here to download your very own list of hand-picked musical goodies that will excite your child’s imagination and transport them into the magical world of orchestral and choral music.

The list is arranged chronologically too and accompanying each recommendation is a very short introduction, with suggestions of things to think about to help them get the most out of each piece.

If you have a favourite piece of music you’d like to share with us – visit our Facebook page here or click on the link below! We’d love to hear from you!

Watch out for our second round of recommended listening coming up soon! Happy Listening!