Since COVID-19 took over our normal lives, families have been forced to a certain extent to access a range of activities for children via the internet. 

As a mum myself running an Ofsted-registered childcare provider, I wanted The Strings Club to remain as focused as ever on the safeguarding and protection of children in our care. This is why we’ve created a policy that outlines our approach to keeping your child safe whilst with us on an online session. We don’t want to stop there though. We also want to empower both children, parents and families alike to feel in control of their own safety whilst online. 

It is important to state that I do not declare myself to be an expert in the field of online safeguarding. However as a mum and business owner, feel that especially at this time where more than ever we are putting ourselves into virtual classroom environments which still feel a little unfamiliar, it is vital that we demonstrate at The Strings Club what clear and effective measures we have put into place to ensure the safety of children in our care. 

Huge thank you to Désirée Abrahams of Day Associates, a business and human rights consultancy specialising in business and children’s rights who has supported me in the creation of this policy, and some separate guidance developed just for children. 

We’ve also created a child-friendly guide aimed at children who attend our classes to empower them in using Zoom. Alongside this we’ve also created a special poster for your child to colour in and stick somewhere to show everyone at home, that they are on an online session.

Download “Online Sessions Taking Place” poster here. 

Download “How to keep yourself safe online – for children” here.

Take a read of our “Keeping children safe online – Zoom” policy below. 

Download here