Here’s a few quick tips on how to register for our Customer Portal. 

You may be prompted to enter your email address, or it may automatically pull this information through.

Please use the same email address you signed up to Strings Club with – the one this email has been sent to. You can update your email address if need be once you have been approved.

You will be asked to create a password. Please ensure this is over 8 characters long.

When you first login you will be prompted to read and accept our agreements.

After this you may be asked to update your details.

Don’t forget to bookmark the page so you can find the Customer Portal quickly next time –

Or follow the instructions within the Portal to download the app straight to your mobile phone!

We are delighted that this new feature is available to help you make life easier but please don’t forget someone from the team is always there to answer any of your questions!

Sign into our Online Portal here