During our award-winning Holiday Camps this May Half Term we will be taking your child on a musical adventure with a range of exciting workshops to compliment high-quality small group instrumental classes.

At our Ofsted-registered Holiday Camps, your child can enjoy making new friends, build confidence and develop not only musical, but also personal skills whilst being in a friendly, safe and truly inspiring environment.

Brand new to our Holiday Camps are our weekly themes – this week’s theme is “Here Comes the Sun” and all about the upcoming summer season! This will ensure consistency throughout the week whilst maintaining the high-quality of engaging activities we offer. Through this, we also focus on our “Development is Key”, aiming to guide the development of every child’s capabilities and skills on a daily basis to ensure that they truly benefit from our Holiday Camps.

Keep checking our blog to find out more about our weekly themes!

Here are some of the very exciting workshops taking place this time round!

1) Big Sing Song: “Here Comes the Sun”

Does your child love singing? We all love a good sing song at The Strings Club, especially when it’s all about the sun! In our fun and interactive singing workshop, we will  be exploring one of The Beatles’ classic “Here Comes the Sun”.

Taking place throughout our locations on Tuesday 30th May.


2) Performarama: “Maui and the Sun”

Discover the enchanting story of “Maui and the Sun” by acting out the story using your very own scripts. We will be taking you on an exciting adventure, find out how exactly this heroic character has managed to slow down the sun to make the days longer! This is a wonderful way for your child to develop their language & communication skills and build their confidence.

Taking place throughout our locations on Wednesday 31st May

3) Meet the Composer: Antonio Vivaldi

In this workshop, we will be exploring Antonio Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons”, particularly his “Summer” movement from the work. But, did you know that the Italian composer hated the summer and rarely went outside? Let’s find out why in our very own interactive workshop that introduces the composer and his most notable piece of work.

Taking place throughout our locations on Thursday 1st June

4) The Strings Club Grand Concert

Our very own Grand Concert is a fantastic way for your child and their new friends to show off everything they have learnt! By the end of the week, your child will have experienced wonderful musical adventures, made new friends, and developed skills for life.

Taking place on Friday 2nd June in Balham, Brockley, Hampstead and Harborne only

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