Our brand new Minis Explorers programme is the perfect introduction in learning an instrument for every 4-5 year old in reception class. This unique programme, designed by a professional string team at The Strings Club, will enable your child to explore violin this January 2019 and choose to either continue or have a go at ukulele in the summer term.

Children learn in small groups – all led by the UK’s top violin and ukulele teachers and packed full of fun-filled learning of the highest quality. See what your child will achieve with us here.

Over the course of the year children develop key musicianship skills such as rhythm, pitch, notation, dynamics alongside technical proficiency on their instrument.

You will receive a termly report on your child’s progress to keep you informed of their achievements.

Each term includes our Grand Concert – the perfect opportunity for your child to show what they have achieved with their new friends.

You can even hire an instrument to take home from only £3 per week!

During the third term, children will work towards an exclusive Minis Award and will take part in our End of Year Awards Ceremony.

Our Minis Explorers is not only an ideal gift this Christmas but also will ignite your child’s love of music and will set them on their musical journey to our Sound Start Courses – for children in year 1 and above.

Minis Explorers starts Sat 19th January – Saturday 30th March (excluding Feb Half Term)

Venues include:

Find out more about our Minis Explorers here