I hope you’re all having a fantastic Half Term. As a mum myself, I understand it can be a bit tricky to keep your child/ren constantly entertained and that’s why I have come up with some easy but fun music games to play at home, especially with this gloomy weather! Take a look at our suggestions below and if you have any great games, we’d love to hear them on our Facebook page.


1. Musical Statues

This is a classic music-based game and perfect for those who love to dance!

1. Simply get them to dance to their favourite music.

2. When the music stops, they must freeze!

3. Forget to freeze? Then, you’re out!

Why not get them to think about how the music makes them feel while dancing to it – Does the music make them feel happy or sad?

Talk about what action might go with these emotions too (ie. A happy song might make you feel like you want to ‘bounce’ or ‘skip’ etc.)

2. Only The Strings

This is a particularly fun game to play with your child whilst learning about everything ‘string-related’!

1. Get your child to face you and demonstrate a movement with your hand.

2. If you say any string-related word while making the movement, the children should also make the same movement. (You can use words like ‘violin’, ‘cello’, ‘string’, ‘bow’ etc.)

3. If you say anything else while making the movement, the children should remain still.

4. Keep making different movements with your body, calling out string-related words and non-string-related words randomly.

3. Guess That Sound!

A great game to boost your child’s listening skills!

1. Get your child to close their eyes and simply make a sound using anything in the room.

2. When they open their eyes, encourage them to guess the sound they heard!

3. Can they recreate the same noise as you?

Some of the sounds you may be able to use are keys jingling, opening and closing a cupboard & drawing the curtains etc.

Do you have any suggestions?

I would love to hear your ideas too – please visit our Facebook page or contact me on amy@thestringsclub.org.




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