🎵 New to us? Five ways to get your child inspired through music with The Strings Club 🎵

As a busy mum myself, I know how time disappears quickly throughout the day and that’s why I have created five ideas to get you started below. I really hope you find them useful.
🎵 1. Download a free Ukulele Book, designed by our team of amazing Ukulele teachers.
To get your child started, we’ve created a beginners Ukulele book – designed to ignite your child’s love of playing the ukulele!
🎵 2. Free Online Session
As a busy parent myself, I know it’s tricky trying to entertain your child throughout the whole day! That’s why if you’re new to us, we’d love to inspire your child for 30 mins whilst giving you some well-earned breathing space!
🎵 3. Use our exclusive discount with Normans Music
Many of our events include free hire of an instrument! This includes our face-to-face Discovery Days and our Ofsted-registered Holiday Camps.
🎵 4. Start with our range of child-centred You Tube videos!
Did you now we have a range of carefully-created pre-recorded videos, specifically designed for children?
🎵 5. Get stuck in straight away!
Why not get stuck in straight away by booking an event with us? We have so much to offer your child. Have a look at our brand new website for more info.
I hope you find this useful. Sign up to our newsletter on our brand new website for further ideas and our downloadable ukulele book!
We look forward to seeing you soon!
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