If you’ve started the decade feeling fed up of your job and looking for something extra in 2020, take a look at our new Bronze package. Aimed to introduce you to the world of running your own business slowly but with ultimate success!

This blog highlights our exciting new Bronze package and how it can bring added financial security to your life. Just as importantly, personal satisfaction for you in 2020!

As a busy mum myself, I understand it’s a huge undertaking and risk to jump straight into a new career. I’ve been there myself and had many sleepless nights!

What’s so great about our Bronze package is that:

– Initial investment level is low however financial return is high
– You’d be working on average 1-2 days working per week
– Your target earnings would be £42K in the first 24 months
– Our amazing admin team would take your bookings for us

Whatever your previous work or business background, our Bronze package is an unbelievable opportunity for anyone fed up and looking for something extra in 2020! 

If this is something of interest to you, send us a text to 07419131525 to arrange a chat. Otherwise click below for further info and ways to get involved!

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