We’re back for our first event of 2020 and everyone is guaranteed to LOVE our February Half Term Holiday Camps! Find below our top 5 workshops!

Our theme this Feb Half Term wc 17th Feb is “All you Need is Love”. All have all been carefully designed to help children explore music with their friends.

Every day we have something new to experience with 10 unique workshops in total! From art and music (Sounds and Colours) to our drama and music (Performarama) to our Sport Beat session that combines music and sport.

See below our top 5 workshops taking place this Feb Half Term. Want to see a Weekly Timetable? Click here.  

Monday – Imagination Station

In honour of our weekly theme of ‘love’, we start off our week with a special workshop making our very own Valentine cards for someone special. Not only will your child be able to create their own card, but they will will be inspired to write their own love poems too!

Tuesday – Music in Motion

Whilst listening to two Beatles hits “She Loves You” and ‘Here Comes The Sun’ by The Beatles, the children will explore how the two songs of different tempo make them feel, their similarities and differences. In addition, whether this has an impact on the kinds of movements they choose.

Wednesday – Performarama

With our hearts full of kindness, we will listen to Black Eyed Peas number 1 song “Where is the love?” before creating our very own ‘positive message’ song. Whether in the form of a rap or a song, this is your child’s chance to be creative and get their message across!

Thursday – Feel The Rhythm

People all over the world – join hands. In this workshop, children will listen to ‘Love
Train’ and discuss its message, along with the instruments they hear. They will then create their own poster promoting peace and unity, but not before forming our own Strings-Train and dancing around the room

Friday – Sounds and Colours

Celebrating our last day, will be our Sounds and Colours workshop where children will listen to a range of love-themed music from around the globe then design and create their very own giant hearts.

Our Holiday Camps for children aged 4-11 are running for the whole week at February Half Term (from 17th Feb for 5 days) with half days from £20.

If you’d like to find out more give us a call on 0121 296 9204 or click below. 

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