Having worked as Holiday Camp Manager in Birmingham  for several years, we’re so pleased to announce that Malikah will be joining our Education and Resource team as Early Years Foundation Lead.

As The Strings Club is one of the only childcare providers in the UK that welcomes children aged 4-5 all day, we want to ensure that every child who joins our Minis groups has the chance to experience our range of play-based equipment and resources that nurture their skills and interests.

Malikah states “I’ve worked with children for nearly 6 years now, including being at The Strings Club for 2 years. It’s amazing to have been gifted the opportunities to educate, as well as make a fun nurturing environment for children to thrive in. With all my experiences, I look forward to seeing the EYFS side of The Strings Club thrive with all the brilliant ideas and experience we have.”

Malikah will now be responsible for training our teams on EYFS updates, major developments to our workshop plans alongside improving our EYFS equipment and resources.

Director Amy states, “Malikah has a real passion for childcare and so I am so excited that she has joined our team. We love welcoming reception ages children and want them to feel excited about our new range of EYFS play-based equipment that will without doubt inspire!”

We’ll be sharing updates on our EYFS developments on our Instagram and Facebook. 

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