Join our amazing online guitar lessons for beginners this coming Monday 23rd March at 1pm.

We at The Strings Club Head Office want to support families as much as possible!

That’s why we’d love your child to join our amazing guitar teacher Rich for our online guitar lessons for beginners – taking place Monday to Friday at 11am.

Each 30 mins session will be an ideal opportunity for your child to learn the violin in a fun-filled way whilst giving you the chance to focus on your own work or having a breather!

Please note – you do need a guitar for these lessons. See our blog on how to get hold of an instrument here. 

Each session will work alongside our “Your Child’s Development is Key” guide too – ensuring your child develops in more ways than one!

Book a 5 day course and will be send you an electronic certificate to print for your child!

To book, click below or give us a quick call on 0121 296 9204.

Book a guitar lesson here