From The Strings Club Head Office, we wanted to let all parents know that we are here to support you and your family over the foreseeable future as we all deal with the impact of Covid-19. As parents ourselves we know it is a very unsettling time – we all have little ones to look after and ensuring their safety as well as us grown ups is paramount.

There is a lot of confusion around events across the country, and with the lack of clarity comes uncertainty and what ifs. All of which we would like to avoid because we take pride in the quality of childcare we offer. 

Please find our COVID-19 Policy here (which is reviewed on a regular basis)

Here are just a few FAQs to help you and you will be able to find the rest on our COVID-19 above.

  • What extra measures are you taking to ensure my child is safe at The Strings Club Holiday Camps?

All team members will be attending an urgent training session that will discuss how to ensure extra cleanliness at each of our Holiday Camps. This will include:

  • Children cleaning their hands more frequently and for longer (over 20 seconds)
  • All equipment including instruments will have cleaning frequency increased to eradicate potential contamination
  • Team members will be guided on the symptoms of the coronavirus and trained on our new procedures and what to do if they suspect someone on site is showing symptoms of Covid-19
  • All Holiday Camp Managers and Assistants complete an “Infection Control Course” with Mini First Aid.

We will be taking every extra precaution necessary to ensure that children will be kept safe and their health comes first. As always, as parents you can be rest assured that whilst your child is coming to us to have a great time they are always safe in our care.

  • How will I find out if the Holiday Camp is cancelled?

If we are unable to operate a Holiday Camp, you will be notified immediately via email and text message. We of course will ensure that we notify you as soon as we are made aware ourselves.

  • Will your Holiday Camps be able to operate to the same high standards we know and love?

Every Holiday Camp venue will offer exactly the same quality of childcare and your child will of course have a lot of fun with us. Our popular timetables will not be disrupted and the same team members will be there to welcome your child with open arms.

For more information we highly recommend you see the Government guide on coronavirus.

We only have bubbles of maximum 15 children and we are mostly only accepting for the whole 5 days. However if you need anything less, give us a call and we can see what we can do! 

To book, click below or to pay with childcare vouchers, please call 0121 296 9204. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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