The summer holiday is an opportunity for a bit of a break, a chance to relax and unwind and to enjoy some time with our children. Well deserved I might add!

But if you are anything like me you will also be wondering how best to approach the summer holidays for your child. 6 weeks is a long time, especially when you are young, and avoiding the ‘summer slump’ is high on the agenda for all of us.

How do I help my child maintain their hard work at school this year? What will they enjoy and be engaged with across 6 weeks? And is it a straight choice between having fun and learning over the whole holiday?

With the schools breaking up in only a matter of weeks our Head Office Team and I thought we would look at ways to continue the momentum across the summer ensuring your child starts the new academic year refreshed and ready to go.

Go to a concert

With the summer bringing warmer days it is a great time to get out and see live music near you. Inspiration comes in many different forms and we think there is no better way to first experience the joys than listening to a range of inspirational pieces of music. Bandstands are sure to be buzzing with the sounds of brass and your local big school will have their end of year performances. Have you heard about our Quaver Concerts? They’re a great way to hear new music in a fun and relaxed atmosphere helping to further inspire your child this summer in Birmingham and London.

Continue to progress at Holiday Camp

Being a music teacher I have seen first hand the difference learning an instrument has on children. It is proven to have a positive impact on everything from mental wellbeing, confidence and educational attainment and it’s the reason I started The Strings Club all those years ago.

The Strings Club Holiday Camps combine the best of music education and childcare. And what enables our multi award-winning Holiday Camps to stand proudly apart from other childcare providers is our passion and dedication in promoting the learning and development of all children in our care.

Our team of the UK’s best strings teachers and childcare professionals are trained, experienced and caring enabling you to rest easy that your child is happy, safe, having lots of fun and taking another step on their way to fulfilling their potential.

Book to suit your family with half days from £20 and sibling discount available.

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