Congratulations to all those children nominated for a Music MedalScreenshot-143-1

This summer term, a whopping 38 children have been nominated for a prestigious Music Medals award, part of The Royal Schools of Music – and we couldn’t be more proud!

Children at our Term Time courses across London and Birmingham will be taking their Music Medal award very soon. From Copper right up to Platinum (equivelent to Grade 4 standard).

To help your child practise for their upcoming Music Medal award at home, our founder and violinistAmy shares her top practice tips!


Top Tips by Founder, Amy

1. Firstly, don’t panic. Music Medals are designed to be fun so enjoy it. You can only try your best!

2. Be prepared – know exactly what you will need to do in the exam.  Each exam includes a ensemble piecesolo pieceoption test. Teachers will have gone through this but if you or your little one are unsure ask!

3. Practice at home – I suggest practising before going to school. So wake up, have some breakfast and get your instrument out and have a play! If you’d prefer a lie in, practise when you get home from school. You don’t need to practice for hours and hours a day – just the amount of time you think it takes to get a bit better at playing your songs!

4. Play for family and friends – it’s always good (as well as lots of fun) to play your instrument for those you live with as well as in school. Why not ask to play in front of y

our class? It’s a bit scary I know but once you start playing, you’ll forget that people are there! Plus not everyone can play an instrument so you should be very proud of yourself that you can!

5. Finally be happy! Not everyone gets nominated for a Music Medal award – be very proud of yourself!



Perhaps your child has a few top tips themselves to share with us? If so, I’d love to hear them! Please send us an email here and we can share them soon!



 Good luck! 


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