Whether it’s checking on an elderly neighbour to supporting your local independent shops, we’ve learnt that community is everything. This summer, we decided to go ahead with our Ofsted-registered Holiday Camps. Why? Because we knew that local children deserved to have fun and to enjoy learning.  We also wanted to offer local parents some breathing space to work, knowing their child was having the time of their lives whilst being kept super safe. 

And that’s what we did – welcoming up to 300 children, creating 30 jobs and offering 990 hours of childcare.

We’re sure you agree that our franchisees such as dad of two Edouard in Hackney are therefore a hero of their community!

Edouard states, “As a dad myself, I was aware that childcare was almost non-existent in my local area and alongside the Head Office team, we felt passionate in getting our amazing Holiday Camps up and running. Seeing children smiling, having fun and as a result happy parents meant a lot!” 

Check our latest interview with Edouard here covering all things community, music and childcare!

If you’re interested in supporting local families in your community alongside running your own Ofsted-registered Holiday Camps with free childcare plus a flexible work/life balance, please get in touch via our contact form or call 0121 296 9204.

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