After a fantastic Summer inspiring hundreds of children and offering almost a thousand hours of childcare, we thought we’d shine a spotlight on one of our community heroes and this week it’s dad of two and Hackney franchisee, Edouard. 

During our regular catch ups, we asked Edouard a few questions:

1.Why did you choose to join The Strings Club family and become a community hero?

I joined the Strings Club family because I believe in offering an exceptional musical experience to children and families of all backgrounds and circumstances. The Strings Club allows me to achieve this aim and expands the opportunity and creativity in the community of Hackney.

2. What’s your favourite thing about working for The Strings Club?

I am excited and find real joy working with The Strings Club in educating and bringing memorable musical experiences to the lives of children in Hackney.

3. Top tip/piece of advice for someone thinking about joining The Strings Club as a franchisee?

Be prepared for a real sense of achievement! Dive into the community and work tirelessly and passionately in what you can achieve and give to the children. It is the most rewarding work you will find!

4. Why did you decide to offer Holiday Camps during lockdown?

The decision to offer Holiday camps during lockdown was a simple one. As a father of two children I understood that  we needed to give the children and families of Hackney a positive and meaningful, creative experience during a very difficult and stressful time. We all had something to look forward to, enjoy, feel positive about and celebrate!

5. Where do you see yourself in a year’s time with The Strings Club?

I see The Strings Club Hackney bringing more positive and wonderful musical learning opportunities to many more children and families, expanding our reach into the community to spread music and happiness as a way to create a creatively positive society.
If you’re interested in supporting local families in your community alongside running your own Ofsted-registered Holiday Camps with free childcare plus a flexible work/life balance, please get in touch via our contact form or call 0121 296 9204. 
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