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What does it mean to be EYFS Ofsted-registered?


Each of our Holiday Camps are EYFS Ofsted-registered meaning we can welcome children from aged 4-11 all day. Have aread below on what else this entails.

  1. We accept childcare vouchers 
  1. All our Strings Club Holiday Camps are regulated and inspected by Ofsted to ensure that our childcare standards are of an exceptional level and that this is maintained. 
  1. To ensure that our reception age children benefit from a safe, secure, and happy environment we aim for each and every one of them to:

⭐ Build positive relationships, where they can learn to be strong and independent

⭐ Learn and develop well. By responding to their individual needs, we aim to develop caring, respectful, professional relationships with the children and their families.

⭐ Feel like a unique child. Every child is constantly learning and can be resilient, capable, confident and self assured. We use positive encouragement and praise to motivate the children at our Holiday Camps. 

⭐Develop and learn in different ways and at different rates. We tailor the experiences we offer children in our care according to their individual needs and abilities.

  1. We are passionate about bringing music education to everybody and this includes children as young as 4. We believe children of this age should have the opportunity to start learning an instrument as they are susceptible to learning, especially through our fun-filled, high-quality provision. 
  1. We have programmes that are specifically designed for children of reception age. All of our morning “Learn Together, Play Together” sessions as well as our afternoon workshops are directly linked to our EYFS policy and the 16 EYFS play types. Both our Strings Club Minis and Sound Start groups are linked to EYFS, KS1, & KS2 areas of learning. These include:

⭐ EYFS: Literacy, Numeracy, Physical Development, PSHE, Communication and Language, Understanding the World, Expressive Arts and Design

⭐ KS1 & 2: Mathematics and Numeracy, Language and Literacy, the Arts, the World Around Us, Physical Education, Religious Education, PSHE

  1. At our Holiday Camps EYFS children receive a key person (an Early Years practitioner, usually with over 5 years experience working in a play school/nursery setting). Parents/carers also receive daily observation notes (“Daily Diaries”) to keep them informed of what their child has been up to that day and how they can support them in their ongoing learning.
  1. Our summer Holiday Camps are a great way to help prepare reception aged children for moving up to Key Stage 1 in September. 
  1. Our Holiday Camps help build confidence, teamwork skills and encourage children to make strong relationships with children of all ages at our camps (from 4 to 11 years old).
  1. Seeing a child develop in any capacity is very important to us at The Strings Club. This could be through:

⭐ Our daily/weekly progressive programmes that aim to develop children’s musical proficiency alongside instrument playing skills.

⭐Our range of workshops that also help with the development of a number of non-musical skills, such as confidence, building strong relationships with new friends, listening, teamwork, and broader ensemble skills.

⭐ Our grand end of term concert where children can demonstrate what they have achieved and what fun they have had with their new friends.

⭐ Our “buddy” system ensures younger children are encouraged to feel safe and “at home” with us straight away, building their confidence from the outset.

  1. We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children. We take child protection and safeguarding very seriously. This includes: 

⭐ Safer recruitment procedure (all candidates have to complete a rigorous vetting process including at least 2 professional references, an enhanced DBS check, in depth child protection training, and a face-to-face induction)

⭐All team members (including interns) have a regularly checked Enhanced DBS certificate.

⭐ All Holiday Camp visitors are encouraged to read our Visitors Policy on arrival - they must wear a visitor badge and be escorted around the building at all times. 

⭐ Our full policies and procedures are available on our website to download as well displayed on our reception desk at each Strings Club Holiday Camp. 

  1. We provide opportunities for and encourage continued contact with parents/guardians throughout the day. They:

⭐Can call Head Office anytime 9am-5pm on weekdays and 8am-6pm during Holiday Camps

⭐Can call the Holiday Camp Manager throughout the time their child is at the Holiday Camp

⭐Can speak to Holiday Camp Manager, their child’s Course Leader, or a Camp Assistant in person about their child’s experiences

⭐Receive a daily newsletter every afternoon of the Holiday Camp, detailing what they got up to that day and what is taking place the following day, plus pictures of their child taking part in “Learn Together, Play Together” sessions and workshops

⭐Receive a “Daily Diary” observation form