Our Top 5 Tips on Buying an Instrument


Igniting your child’s love in music is a magical experience.

So finding and buying the right instrument for your child is an important initial step. But where do parents start when considering what to buy and how do you make sure your child gets the most from their wonderful new instrument?

We at the The Strings Club have some advice to offer from years of experiences so here we go:

  1. Choose an instrument to suit your child’s age – for children aged 4 or 5 we know from experience ukulele and violin are perfect because they are small and light.
  2. Choose an instrument they are interested in, not you – we know you don’t want to invest in regular lessons without trying out a lesson and that’s why we have free online Discovery Days as well as our popular YouTube channel with a range of pre-recorded lessons.
  3. Make sure it is the right size and good quality – be careful when buying an instrument online. We’d recommend calling our partners Normans Musical Instruments – an independent retailer that are super friendly and can deliver within a week. Their number is 01283 535333. We’d also recommend your local music shop too!
  4. Don’t forget to accessorise – you will need things like a tuner, violin rosin, cases, books.
  5. Support your child – this is so important! You could even learn alongside your child and provide plenty of positive feedback too.

We hope these quick tips help in getting your child’s musical journey off to a great start! Enjoy!

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