Top 5 Free Guitar Tuning Apps for Children


Best Guitar Tuning Apps For Children

Guitars are a great choice of instrument for children since they can support the development of coordination, musicality and memory. They are also extremely fun to play, which is why we love using them in our award-winning music Holiday Camps!

But what happens when your child’s guitar starts to become out of tune? Read on to see our top 5 free guitar tuning apps that will keep their instrument sounding pitch-perfect!

Best guitar tuning apps for children

Guitar Tuna by Yousician

GuitarTuna is a super user-friendly app that has a great tuning function. To tune a guitar, the app uses the microphone on your phone and shows you how close you are from the correct pitch. The app also has a library of songs as well as a variety of tutorials and games to support your child’s music education.  

Guitar Tuner – Simply Tune

This app is great due to its step-by-step guidance on how to tune a guitar with clear visuals and instructions. It also has a chord library to introduce your child to new chords and help further their guitar playing skills!

Fender Tune: Guitar Tuner App 

Developed by the successful guitar brand Fender, this app has a variety of different tuning modes to support guitarists of all levels. With an easy-to-use interface, each mode guides you through the different ways of tuning your guitar. By trying out auto-tune mode, manual tune mode and chromatic mode, your child can discover which way works best for them!

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Pano Tuner – Chromatic Tuner

If you’re looking for a super simple tuner without any added extras, Pano Tuner is a great choice! The app’s clear design and minimalist interface makes it easy to see what pitch you are playing and how close you are to the next note.

Tuner – Pitched!

This app is great due its wide-range of instrument tuning options and clear graphics. In addition to the guitar, Tuner – Pitched! gives you the option to tune a ukulele, violin, and bass!

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